With the E-P3 profiler, equipment managers and retail pro shops have access to the most efficient, easy to use, precise and customizable blade profiling machine on the market.

Top players are sensitive to the most subtle variations in blade profile shape. Even differences as tiny as the width of a human hair – between blades in a pair, and between multiple sets of blades – can affect player feel and performance.

Precision begins with the profile templates which carry the shape you will copy onto the blades. ELITE profile templates are not just laser cut, but CNC-machined to tolerances of 2/1000th of an inch to guarantee consistent results.

ELITE’s blade mounting system means that the blades are profiled on their own, not on skates. This means that there is always a consistent reference point for the blades, every time they are profiled. It also allows two or four blades to be profiled at a time. All the blades will end up perfectly identical.

By handling two or four blades at the same time, the E-P3 makes the job of profiling blades much faster and easier.

On average it takes about 10-12 minutes to profile two or four blades. This means the E-P3 can profile up to 20-24 blades, per hour.

The E-P3 requires minimal operator supervision and is engineered to deliver precise results, leaving you to do other useful things. Simply select and install the profile template, mount one or two pairs of identical blades, start the system, and check back in every few minutes. Overall, the ELITE system greatly reduces the hands-on time an equipment manager or retail operator needs to spend on custom blade preparation.

The profiling operation takes place within an enclosed cabinet, which controls dust and noise and ensures operator safety.

The E- P3 offers by far the widest range of profile choices on the market. ELITE offers a huge selection of proven, factory-calibrated profile templates and also welcomes custom orders from pro teams.

To allow maximum customization of player profiles, the E-P3’s new adjustable-pitch template mounting system allows the operator to mount the profile template in a neutral position or in any of three progressively forward-pitched orientations (respectively 1/64”, 1/32” and 3/64”).

The E-P3 is now available in custom team colours and logos, so you can rock the look in your dressing room. Send us your pantone colours and logo assets and we’ll have them custom wrapped onto your machine.

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If you are interested in purchasing our E-P3 Profiler for your team, or if you are interested in our blade performance machines for your retail location, please contact us directly and we’d be happy to talk to you.

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