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Portable Sharpener

ELITE believes its automated sharpening systems are always superior to hand sharpeners, because only an automated system can avoid distorting the blade profile during sharpening. However, we recognize that for some users there is a requirement for an effective, lightweight portable skate sharpening system.


The ELITE E-M3 Portable Skate Sharpener is designed to give the most precise and consistent sharpening results possible for a hand-controlled system. The E-M3 improves on other portable systems available today in two key respects: its steel wheels, and its exact blade-to-wheel positioning.

Steel wheels

Unlike traditional resin-stone sharpening wheels in common use today, the E-Portable uses wheels made of an advanced steel alloy with a synthetic diamond coating. The steel core maintains dimensional accuracy and stability, while the coating provides superior durability and cutting power.

With the E-M3 there is never a need to “dress” the grinding wheel. Operators simply select the desired radius wheel and installation is quick and easy. After sharpening, operators note the absence of the offensive resin-stone debris and airborne particles typical of the legacy system’s work environment.

ELITE wheels offer an extensive range of hollow options, factory-formed to hollow radiuses ranging from ¼” to 1¼.

Exact blade to wheel positioning

To achieve optimal sharpening results, the cutting wheel must line up perfectly with the center of the blade. ELITE has developed a unique self-centering skate support, which perfectly positions the blade over the exact apex of the grinding wheel.

A key innovation, the ELITE self-centering support eliminates a source of inconsistent performance common in legacy sharpening systems. The ELITE system ensures the blade is fixed into the optimal position regardless of variations in blade width.

The importance of blade-to-wheel positioning cannot be overstated. Inaccurate blade-to-wheel positioning will result in uneven edge heights and will seriously compromise blade performance.


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