ELITE Blade Performance Technology

ELITE Blade Performance Technology is a Quebec manufacturer of high-precision skate blade profilers and revolutionary, computer-controlled, fully automated skate blade sharpeners. ELITE has the best system in the world today for consistent and precise blade performance and the only automated sharpener that won’t ever degrade the shape of your blade.

ELITE offers an integrated blade care system, based around our core technologies:

  • The E-P3 Profiler, which provides precise, custom profiling, with the widest selection of profiles available on the market;
  • The E-S4 Automated Sharpener, the only fully-computerized, automated sharpening machine that preserves the blade profile perfectly, every time.
Together, the E-P3 blade profiler and the E-S4 skate sharpening system represent a revolutionary advancement in the science of blade preparation.

our mission

ELITE’s mission is to maximize skating performance by offering the best skate blade profiling and sharpening system in the world. Our goal is to become the new standard for excellence in the professional, amateur and recreational hockey markets.


ELITE began as Aiguisage Elite in 2008 in a workshop in the small town of Beloeil, south of Montreal, Canada. ELITE’s founder, Denis Proulx, was frustrated that his son, a rising star in the Quebec junior system, couldn’t seem to get two decent sharpenings in a row from the local pro shop.

A specialist in designing automation systems, Denis realized that existing sharpening systems were inherently inconsistent, and set out to design a better solution.

Denis developed a prototype that used steel wheels to guarantee consistent hollows, a center-mount clamp to ensure symmetrical edges, and a computer automated cutting process to preserve the integrity of the blade shape. With lots of feedback from the Montreal Canadiens and many resulting improvements, Denis’ prototype proved to be a revolutionary innovation that was superior to any other sharpening system on the market. Aguisage Elite was born.

ELITE opened a pro shop in Beloeil and word of mouth soon brought thousands of customers. We next worked out a design for a profiler that was easier to use and more time efficient than what was currently on the market — one that could also profile multiple blades at a time. Together, the automated profiler and fully computerized sharpener created a leap forward in blade performance that began to catch the attention of both pro and amateur players.

ELITE now operates an active Blade Performance Center in Beloeil, as well as a new pro shop in Verdun, serving thousands of clients from the Montreal region and beyond, and sells its blade performance machines to pro teams across North America. As well, ELITE regularly receives blades by courier from NHL players and other pros playing across North America and Europe — players who won’t compromise on the performance of their blades.

WHAT the pros SAY


pro teams

Over the past few years ELITE’s machines have been adopted by dozens of pro teams across North America from the NHL through to NCAA and Major-Junior and momentum is growing.

retail partners

ELITE’s performance profiling and precision sharpening services are now available to the consumer market via ELITE Blade Performance Centers.

We are proud to be partnering with select Sports Rousseau stores in the greater Montreal area, and a growing number of retail partners across Quebec. We have new retailers in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada and the U.S. as more and more retailers are joining our network.

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