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ELITE Blade Performance Technology

Our goal is to give equipment operators the tools they need to provide the best blade preparation and care possible for their team or for their customers.

Over the past few years ELITE’s profiling and sharpening machines have been adopted by over 85 pro teams across North America from the NHL through to NCAA and Major Junior. Momentum continues to be strong as more and more Equipment Managers are realizing the benefits of performance profiling and the importance of preserving player profiles with our precision, automated sharpening technology.

At the same time, we have seen huge growth in the retail market. Over 60 hockey retailers and pro shops have invested in Elite’s sharpening and profiling technology to improve efficiency in their operations, create a value add for the client base and increase dollars per transaction.

And now ELITE is bringing its revolutionary technology to Europe. ELITE’s E-P3 profiler and E-S4 computerized sharpener are now available to hockey teams and retailers in Europe. For more information on how Elite can help your team or your retail operation in Europe, please contact:

Raimo Manninen
Director of European Sales
+358 40 5309392

our mission

ELITE’s mission is to maximize skating performance by offering the best skate blade profiling and sharpening system in the world. Our goal is to become the new standard for excellence in the professional, amateur and recreational hockey markets.

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