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Over the past few years ELITE’s machines have been adopted by  over 85 pro teams across North America, from the NHL through to NCAA , Major Junior and the PWHL. Momentum continues to be strong as more and more Equipment Managers are realizing the benefits of performance profiling and the importance of preserving player profiles with our automated sharpening technology. And their teams are benefiting from the unparalleled customization, precision, and consistency of the ELITE blade care system. Our goal is to give equipment professionals the tools they need to provide the best blade preparation and care possible for their players. As our friend Pierre Gervais likes to say: “A player’s blades are the most important piece of equipment. If a Ferrari has got bad tires, you’ve got nothing.”


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The ELITE E-S4 Automated Sharpener demo video

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The ELITE E-P3 Performance Profiler demo video


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Give your players a competitive edge.

Equipment players share thoughts on how Elite’s blade performance system helps give their players a competitive advantage.

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It’s all about consistency.

Equipment managers talk about the importance of the consistency they get with the Elite system.

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Elite helps you do your job.

Equipment Managers share examples of how Elite’s machines make their jobs easier.

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You can’t beat Elite’s customer service. Equipment Managers reflect on what it’s like to work with Elite’s team.


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