The right hollow for your profile and playing style

Find your hollow

Sharpening puts a groove on the bottom of your blade, creating two edges. The shape of this groove is called the radius of hollow (ROH). The feeling of sharpness in your steel is determined by how deep the ROH is. The smaller the ROH, the deeper the groove. So a 3/8” hollow is going to feel sharper than a 1” hollow.

Once you have found your optimal blade profile, find the best radius of hollow to go with it. In general, many players skate on a hollow that is deeper than optimal for their body type and skating style.

With the perfect edges on ELITE’s automated sharpening system, you may not need as deep a cut as you have with other sharpenings. Your blades will have just as much bite, but they will also give you more glide and less fatigue.

Also, performance profiles tend to put more blade in contact with the ice, which has the effect of giving more bite for the same hollow.

Talk to our experts who will help you find the right hollow for your profile and playing style.


Once you’ve found your ideal profile, it’s important to maintain it with precision sharpening. Even tiny changes to your blade shape will change your profile and affect your performance on the ice. That’s why maintaining a perfectly consistent blade shape is an important part of your blade performance.

To skate your best you need to be able to trust your blades. That means you need a sharpening system which delivers three things with precision and consistency:

A consistent radius of hollow, which determines how much the blade bites into the ice; ELITE’s steel wheels provide a perfect ROH every time.

A perfectly centered groove down the middle of the blade, so that the edges are both the same height; ELITE’s center-mount clamps always guarantee perfectly symmetrical edges.

And, most importantly, a uniform removal of steel along the entire length of the blade, so as not to distort and degrade the profile of the blade. ELITE’s automated sharpener is the only system on the market today that reads the shape of the blade and adjusts speed and pressure of the sharpening pass to preserve your blade shape with absolute precision.

Traditional hand sharpening systems cannot consistently achieve any of these things, much less all of them. ELITE’s automated sharpener does it all, every time. If you are getting your skates sharpened by hand, you are degrading the shape of your blades, and undermining your performance.

Visit us at an ELITE Blade Performance Center. We’ll help you find the right hollow we’ll deliver perfect edges and we’ll maintain the shape of your blade. Every time.


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