A new era of precision and consistency

The impact of equipment technology in sport has been dramatic. And it is at the highest levels of the game that its advantages are most apparent. Yet skate sharpening, with its fundamental importance to a hockey player’s performance, has remained essentially the same for decades.

The ELITE-S4 changes that.

In creating the E-S4, ELITE has reimagined and re-engineered the critical materials, practices and processes of skate sharpening to deliver blade performance like no other system in use today.

Leaving the stone age

Unlike traditional resin-stone sharpening wheels in common use, ELITE wheels are made of an advanced steel alloy with a synthetic diamond coating. The steel core maintains dimensional accuracy and stability, while the coating provides superior durability and cutting power.

Drawing from manufacturing standards used in the aerospace and other high technology industries, the durability and precision of the ELITE wheel represents a dramatic advancement in the science of skate blade performance.


ELITE’s synthetic diamond coated wheels are harder than steel blades, and not subject to the performance degradation typical of resin-stone wheels.


In legacy sharpening systems, the familiar sparks flying off the blade are in fact pieces of the resin-stone grinding wheel disintegrating and burning as it comes into contact with the higher density steel blade. With each sharpening pass, the integrity of the wheel is degraded, leading to inconsistent radius hollows and ultimately compromised results.


With the E-S4 there is never a need to “dress” the wheel. Operators simply select the desired radius wheels and installation is quick and easy.

After sharpening, operators note the absence of the offensive resin-stone debris and airborne particles typical of the legacy system’s work environment. The small amount of residual material produced is managed by an integrated vacuum system.


Each ELITE wheel is factory-formed to hollow radiuses ranging from 3/8” to 1 ¼ of an inch.

Custom hollows are available upon request.

Exact blade-to-wheel positioning

Blade performance consistency does not come by chance. ELITE has developed a self-centering mount system to position and secure the blade over the exact apex of the grinding wheel.

A key innovation, the ELITE centering mount feature eliminates a source of inconsistent performance common in legacy sharpening systems.

The ELITE system ensures the blade is fixed into the optimal position regardless of variations in blade width.  The centering mount clamp also exerts symmetrical inward pressure in excess of 1500 psi.  Hence promoting the blade’s linear integrity during sharpening.


The importance of blade-to-wheel positioning cannot be overstated. Inaccurate blade-to-wheel positioning can result in a serious compromise of blade performance.

Even a few thousandths of an inch offset can result in a perceptible difference in blade edge performance. The ELITE center mount system overcomes this common complaint with legacy systems, automatically and instantly.

Through engineering innovation, E-S4 ensures the exact center of the blade meets the exact apex of the grinding wheel, every time.

Misalignment of the blade to the grinding wheel during sharpening is a constant concern for operators of legacy systems.

In some cases, operators of legacy sharpening systems feel obliged to deepen the radius cut to mask the blade-to-wheel positioning problems. This can create unnecessary on-ice friction that impairs glide.

ELITE blade-to-wheel precision allows blades to be sharpened with a shallower hollow, without compromising bite or control. Blades can ride higher on the ice to maximize responsiveness, glide and stride-to-speed transfer.

ELITE blade-to-wheel precision means equipment operators can confidently and measurably “push the envelope” of blade performance characteristics, while consistently matching player preference in sharpening feel.

Maintaining blade profile integrity

In contrast to legacy sharpening machines, retaining the integrity of the blade profile and its performance characteristics from one sharpening to the next is a key feature of the E-S4 system.
To maintain the profile during the sharpening process, blade geometry requires the constant regulating of blade speed along the wheel and the simultaneous adjustment in wheel pressure on the blade. This demands a precision and consistency virtually impossible to achieve by hand.
The E-S4 sharpening passes are digitally choreographed to exacting speed and pressure so as to renew the blade without compromise.


Prior to sharpening, the system first identifies the starting point of the blade. Once the sharpening begins, the E-S4 reads the blade angle and position at every millimeter and adjusts speed and pressure to maintain equal removal of material from the blade. In real time, the E-S4 system uses an algorithm to react to hundreds of data points to faithfully reproduce the blade profile throughout the sharpening process. Each time. Every time.


Over time, sub-optimal sharpening will distort blade profiles – often beyond recognition. But because the damage is gradual, players may experience performance lapses without ever realizing it is the fault of their blades.

ELITE’s work with NHL and AHL prospects has revealed that even dedicated and diligent athletes are often unaware of the damage to their blades.


To a professional hockey player, the performance characteristics of a 9 ft (108”) profile and a 13 ft (156”) profile are dramatically different. But the physical difference in blade contour is actually measured at only 24/1000ths of an inch at the end of the active profile.

When such subtle variations cause such massive performance differences, the importance of maintaining the profile integrity from one sharpening to the next is clear.

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