The precise profile, every time.

At the highest levels of the sport, the performance advantages of skate blade profiling are well known. Until now, however, producing and reproducing customized player blade profiles, accurately and quickly, has been virtually impossible.
ep3-blade profiling

The ELITE-P3 profiler changes everything. Easy to use and intuitive, the E-P3 means equipment professionals now have access to efficient, precise, infinitely variable and consistent blade profiling.

The precise profile, two or four blades at a time

The E-P3 system quickly profiles two or four blades at a time, ensuring the precise and identical profile for each pair. Every time.

As precise and unique as the players it serves

Equipment managers can choose from a wide selection of proven, factory-calibrated profile templates, or request unique specifications to suit player preferences.  ELITE welcomes special orders and will quickly supply custom templates with the required profile characteristics.

The E-P3 template and profiling system enables equipment managers to produce multiple, identical back-up pairs for a seamless rotation of blades and instant response to urgent game situations – both at home and away.

ep3-profiling gage

The wide range of profiles and the ease of profiling blades allow for more customized options for player trials, ensuring a perfect match between player and profile and ultimately higher performance.

User friendly

Simply select and install the profile template, mount one or two pairs of identical blades, start the system, and check back every few minutes. The E-P3 requires minimal operator supervision and is engineered to deliver precise results, every time.


The ELITE system greatly reduces the time needed for custom blade preparation.  Calculating the benefit over all the pairs of blades, for multiple players, over the course of the season, the ELITE system’s productivity benefits are clear.

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